How I produced and directed my last Video Advert (CGI Included).

The client

La Mutuelle Complémentaire de la Ville de Paris (the client) is one of the oldest French Health Insurance Company. He counts on 100.000 clients.

Last year, the client understood that he needed to renew its offers in order to catch new clients (young and middle age people) to guarantee its turnover.

The second problem for the client was that he hasn't never developed a real corporate identity.

(client's logo)

So The challenge was

- Communicate about the commercial offers of the client.

- Rejuvenate its identity cause the client is one of the oldest company in the Health insurance sector.

- Catch new clients within a selected target market:

- Health Staff (medical and paramedical).

- Territorial Workers.

- Students.

The Storyboard

I proposed to the client to make a "young and fresh advert". Why ? Because the client hadn't any previous corporate identity so it was the perfect situation: make believe to a young audience that my client was a brand new company with a solid offer.

The first idea was to represent each "target" in theirs specific workplace: a hospital, a working site and a campus. They should be working in team cause it represents the client's company soul: solidarity and collaboration.

We should start the advert approaching them (camera travelling) and then launching a voice over which tells them the client's offer which meets their needs in health covering.

In a second time each team should be working together, unconscious of the camera and the voice over would give three client's offer.

And finally we should show all the teams in just one still.


After the casting, the most important was to find the right studio where to shoot the advert.

Two elements were capital: get green walls cause I wanted to create virtual workplaces in post-production with computer-generated imagery (CGI) in order to avoid noisy disturbances from a real working site, hospital or campus.

Secondly, the right studio size in order to do a proper travelling for the first shot which introduces each character.

I had the luck of the devil finding a 1300 sq ft at the Camberwell Studio where Sam Parkinson and his team were really professional and always present to assist us.

The other important point was to shoot with the right camera. I thought that Dragon Epic would be the right choice.

I needed to shoot in a 4k in order to get a RAW 16 bits to handle the compositing in post-production.

The DOP was Nick Daw who perfectly understood my vision. He worked with Cooke Mini S4 (18,25,32 mm) T2.8 lenses.

The casting:

I was shooting in England so I needed to look for french or european "faces". cause the client is a French Insurance company and the advert will be broadcasted to a French audience. I had to find a young nurse working with a middle age doctor; a young Territorial workers team (composed by three) and two students. The casting which represents the social target for the client.​​

Because the goal was to get new customers and introduce the company for the very first time the casting had to be "Young and fresh".

I found my casting through website media call pro and Fab New faces

Luck to find some talented actors such as: Katy Reece (netflix) and Madalina Bellariu Ion (netflix) who has recently participated in The young Pope.

Scene 01/shot 01DRAW

Scene 01/shot 01REAL

Scene 01/shot 01B DRAW

Scene 01/shot 01B Real

Ivan Castellano shooting

Scene 02/shot 01DRAW

Scene 01/shot 01REAL

Scene 03/shot 01DRAW

Scene 03/shot 01REAL

To give an impression of cohesion I finish the advert with a Brady bunch touch (young-fresh)...

And below you can watch the final work :)

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